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Anne Sych has served as the Marketing Manager at Novo Solutions since 2000.

Keeping your employees and customers happy- Help Desk Support

In the world of help desk support we focus on ways to make our customers happy, but also of importance is ensuring support team members are satisfied.  In "The One Minute Manager", Ken Blanchard states that people who feel good about themselves produce good results.  It makes sense that satisfied employees are a key contributor to having satisfied customers. Check out this article (you will have to scroll down) to see what makes support staff [...]

The Benefits of Workflow Automation

The benefits of workflow automation for your customers. Workflow automation does exactly what the name implies: it simply automates your workflow processes. There are many benefits of workflow automation.  Have you ever taken a customer or service call, made a record of it, then either misplaced or dropped the ball on the request? That does not make for satisfied customers or create positive business relationships, to say the least. But we have all experienced such situations [...]

Feb. 2017

One of the core values at Novo Solutions is giving back to our local and global community.  This month Novo Reach donated a portion of 2016  profits to the Union Mission, CareNet Crisis Pregnancy Center, and Operation Blessing to support the great work they are doing.

Dec. 2016

We are pleased to welcome Stacy Crawley to Team Novo.  Stacy will be joining Novo as Sales and Marketing Assistant, and brings a wealth of creative thinking and energy to our team. Welcome Stacy!!!

Oct. 2016

Announcing ShareNet 2.0! Version 2.0 includes enhancements to the Calendar system.  This provides the ability to create Calendars from any ShareNet app with date fields. ShareNet 2.0 also has an updated theme to bring a fresher look.  ShareNet 2.0 was applied to all ShareNet customer sites on October 26, 2016.  

Aug. 2016 gets a new look! In addition to the new look and feel, we have made it easier for visitors to get information on our application offerings.

July 2016

Effective maintenance management operations run better with process automation and documentation - that's why Prax Petroleum selected ShareNet.   Welcome to the Novo Family!

May 2016

Successful businesses know the value of using the right tools.  We are pleased The Carlton Group has selected ShareNet to support their operations procedures.  Welcome to the Novo family!

Mar. 2016

Ensuring that all agents in multiple locations have access to the correct company knowledge is essential for Liberty Medical.  That's why they selected the Novo Knowledge  Base Software.  Welcome to the Novo family!

Technical Support Software |I’ll have mine ‘To Go” please!

Ah the days of the old technical support help desk.  Calls came in, happy technicians resolved issues and tickets were closed…all from within some mysterious location hidden within the building.  The process was adequate, but could be time consuming.  Callers had to make requests during operating hours and often had to wait for an available technician.  Technicians needed to be near their work stations to make notes and find relevant documentation.  The whole process revolved [...]

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